We don't just help our clients to get through rough patches -
we help get their entire team up to speed through training
sessions and certifications, allowing them to progress indepently
to the next level.
We analyze current strategies and implement solutions which utilize our innovation and human capital management

We Offer
The Following
Services and Training Options

Methods of creating and monetizing value are changing faster than ever....Ivory Bridge Group can help.

Business Strategy

Planning for where you want to be as a company in years to come helps structure the people you hire and clients you pursue today.

  • SWOT analysis
  • The five generic strategies
  • Offensive and defensive strategies
  • Innovation strategies
  • Global Strategies
Business Modeling & Forecasting

For continued growth, consistently tracking changes in productivity and creating a plan for future improvements should always be on your agenda.

  • Business assessment
  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Idea generation
  • Program development
Human Resource Development

Human resource is more than just a position to be filled at your company. More than ever, business leaders are finding that managing their people well is imperative for achieving strategic objectives.

  • Workforce Planning / Human Capital Management Systems
  • Recruiting, Selection and Staffing
  • Learning (Education and Training) & Onboarding
  • Leadership development programs
  • Organizational Development
  • Career Development
  • Organization / Job Design
  • Performance & Competency Management
  • Compensation Planning & Strategy
  • Time and Expense Management (including labor relations)
MVP Development

Developing a Minimum Viable Product allows you to quickly and easily test a new offering to gauge interest and effectiveness.

  • Jobs To Be Done analysis
  • Customer research
  • Wireframe and High-Fidelity design development
Web Development

A web app can provide your users with 24/7 access to your products and services with no need to download new software. Easy for them, means more business for you!

  • Business case development
  • Responsive web application building
  • UX design development
Product-Market Fit Analysis

Identifying the audience that most needs your product is the surest way to maximize profits and be sure the improvements you make will be well-received. An in-depth analysis will help you get there.

  • Target customer definition
  • Value propositioning
  • MVP Development

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